Prof. Dr. Abstreiter
Optical probing of biomolecular layers on semiconductors [more...]
Prof. Dr. Baumeister
Cryoelectrontomography [more...]
Prof. Dr. Bausch
Electrical Detection of Biomolecular Interactions [more...]
Prof. Dr. Brütting
Optical phenomena at organic semiconductor heterointerfaces [more...]
Prof. Dr. Buchner
Protein folding and stability - Molecular chaperones [more...]
Prof. Dr. Dietz
DNA Nanotechnology for Protein Science [more...]
Prof. Dr. Fromherz
Neuro-Electronic Interfacing
Prof. Dr. van Hemmen
Theory of Cell Substrate Hydrodynamics and Ciliated Surfaces [more...]
Prof. Dr. Hugel
Adhesion and Immobilization of functional Biopolymers [more...]
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Kessler
Biofunctionalization of artificial surfaces [more...]
Prof. Dr. Kiefhaber
Protein and Peptide Dynamics [more...]
Prof. Dr. Krischer
Self-Organization at Electrified Nanoscale-Interfaces [more...]

Prof. Dr. Netz
Modelling of Complex Surfaces [more...]

Prof. Dr. Papadakis
Structural changes in nanostructured block copolymer films [more...]
Prof. Dr. Petry/Prof. Dr. Müller-Buschbaum
Magnetic particles in supported polymer nano-structures [more...]
Prof. Dr. Rief
Single Molecule Mechanics of Proteins [more...]
Prof. Dr. Simmel
DNA origami structures as supramolecular platforms for bionanotechnology [more...]
Prof. Dr. Skerra
Design and Production of functionalised Fusion-Proteins [more...]
Prof. Dr. Stimming
Bioelectrocatalysis, Activity of single Enzymes at Interfaces [more...]
Prof. Dr. Stutzmann
Biointerfacing with wide band gap semiconductors [more...]
Prof. Dr. Wixforth
Physics of blood [more...]